Reflections on Cabarete – January 2013 by Betty Merner

Reflections on Cabarete – January 2013 by Betty Merner


Rhythmic hammers conversing,

Scraping of cement swishing, scraping

Punctuated by ‘Gracias, gracias, por favor, buenas días, buenas días.

Windy cloudy white, grey

Fluttering in circles

A sudden shower dancing on graveled walkways.

A lazy fan humming a quiet song.

A double door opening to the day.


Palm fronds rattle their long fingers.

Primo comes sweep, sweeping curled petals

Shaken from sleeping boughs

when the night winds came.

Sweeping, sweeping.

Wiping clean the bubbled table tops and plastic seating.

Smiling, nodding, smiling his generous grin.

Buenas días!


Colored sails tugging, twisting, bobbing

Kites along the choppy-waved shore

Criss-crossing, air-born delight.

Salty  waves lapping a corrugated shore

Leaving morning treasures

To be raked away in early light.


The Shell Man…

One-legged he stands

Guarding his shop.

Black summited rock breaking the drift of waves at the shore’s edge

Ladened with shells.

Large, small pink-polished conches

Swirling cones reflecting sun and sparkle.

His gaze meets your eyes.

Pride. Self-confidence.

I am a man, too.




Quiet, shyly smiling gestures towards the sheet-hung doorway.

Brittled lines of worn leather

pattern the table beneath its shroud.

But soon her hands begin their quiet magic.

Kneading, pressured rippling spineward.

Encouraging wings to unfold and flutter

Pulsing warm kindness and healing.



Two three four five around the table

Solitaire? High lo Jack? Back to solitaire.

Money swapped.

Stories told.

Laughter rises and falls.

Poking playfully in knowing and wanting to know more.



Enters smiling. Laden with bags and boxes that she empties

Into our lives

Displaying her wares.

Fried yucca, rice and shrimp floating in limes and spices.

Avacado, tomato, sliced into flower petal designs.

Beans, saucy eggplant, and a mountainous hill of rice pudding

Speckled with cinnamon and raisins…


Smells, sounds, colors, warmth, laughter

Melt into my cells

Chocolate coated memories.

Family with family

People sharing time space

Etched into my being

Bringing smiles and a comforting mind massage through the year.


Thank you for a wonderful trip!


(Staying at Pool side Villa Chez January 2013 with extended Family, adults and children)