Cabarete Beach Houses

What is your association with Nanny’s? 

This question is one of the first questions anyone asks when arriving at Cabarete Beach Houses at Nanny Estate. Some queries come in to provide a quote for a Nanny in Paris. The name „Nanny“ is a spelling mistake. In Swiss German,  the name is spelled Nänny. Hans Nänny arrived in the late 80’s from Switzerland and fell in love with the North Coast. He built villas in what is now Bahia de Arena and the townhouses Cabarete Beach Houses. In 1989, the then called Nänny Estate opened their doors for the first guests. In the early years clients from Europe, Switzerland and Germany visited most frequently. An increase in travelers from the US/Canada and UK followed in the mid 90’s. The association with the English word „Nanny“ and images of a Kindergarten or Pre-school did not fit the marketing ideas and a new name was needed. In 1997, the name Cabarete Beach Houses was introduced. 

These days when I give directions to the property more and more drivers will know Cabarete Beach Houses over Nänny Estate.

Some of our clients have been returning to us loyally for 25 years, not missing a year. Dr. Prof. Witzmann from Leipzig, Germany is one of them. Should you be in Leipzig, or anywhere in Germany give him a call? He is a fountain of knowledge about Cabarete Dominican Republic Sosua. He also can make all travel arrangements for you. He maintains a small specialized travel agency.