Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Dominican Republic 2013 – Good Bye

Yesterday afternoon one of the owner families flew back from Cabarete Dominican Republic to United Kingdom. Sadness shone through our smiles when hugged each other one more time. Another year has passed. We saw the children grow up every year here in Cabarete Dominican Republic. We love how Dominicans cherish children and the bond that builds between our staff and the kids of owners and guests alike. This year one of the girls wrote a lovely letter to the staff of Cabarete Beach Houses. 

Dear Members of Staff

Thank you so much for our stay here. Maria and Morena have worked hard to keep this place beautiful and Lucy and her young and talented friends. Thank you for cleaning our humble home and Alexis the man who cleans the dirty pool every year. So thank you you have made our stay the best.

Sincerely, Rose xx PS. Keep it up.

Members of Staff
Good Bye Letter