Our new management

We wish you a pleasant holiday. Here in our little paradise. Cabarete Beach Houses. We will do everything to make you feel at home here.

Apolinar Sales (Manager) and Morena Cespedes (assistant).

Apolinar Salas (manager) and Morena Cespedes (assistant).

Apolinar Salas (manager) and Morena Cespedes (assistant).

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Dominican Republic 2013 – Good Bye

Yesterday afternoon one of the owner families flew back from Cabarete Dominican Republic to United Kingdom. Sadness shone through our smiles when hugged each other one more time. Another year has passed. We saw the children grow up every year here in Cabarete Dominican Republic. We love how Dominicans cherish children and the bond that builds between our staff and the kids of owners and guests alike. This year one of the girls wrote a lovely letter to the staff of Cabarete Beach Houses. 

Dear Members of Staff

Thank you so much for our stay here. Maria and Morena have worked hard to keep this place beautiful and Lucy and her young and talented friends. Thank you for cleaning our humble home and Alexis the man who cleans the dirty pool every year. So thank you you have made our stay the best.

Sincerely, Rose xx PS. Keep it up.

Members of Staff
Good Bye Letter

Cabarete Beach Houses

What is your association with Nanny’s? 

This question is one of the first questions anyone asks when arriving at Cabarete Beach Houses at Nanny Estate. Some queries come in to provide a quote for a Nanny in Paris. The name „Nanny“ is a spelling mistake. In Swiss German,  the name is spelled Nänny. Hans Nänny arrived in the late 80’s from Switzerland and fell in love with the North Coast. He built villas in what is now Bahia de Arena and the townhouses Cabarete Beach Houses. In 1989, the then called Nänny Estate opened their doors for the first guests. In the early years clients from Europe, Switzerland and Germany visited most frequently. An increase in travelers from the US/Canada and UK followed in the mid 90’s. The association with the English word „Nanny“ and images of a Kindergarten or Pre-school did not fit the marketing ideas and a new name was needed. In 1997, the name Cabarete Beach Houses was introduced. 

These days when I give directions to the property more and more drivers will know Cabarete Beach Houses over Nänny Estate.

Some of our clients have been returning to us loyally for 25 years, not missing a year. Dr. Prof. Witzmann from Leipzig, Germany is one of them. Should you be in Leipzig, or anywhere in Germany give him a call? He is a fountain of knowledge about Cabarete Dominican Republic Sosua. He also can make all travel arrangements for you. He maintains a small specialized travel agency.

Help us Help our Children!

By helping us reach our fundraising goal of $18,000, you will provide 15 children with complete sponsorship for a year at 3 Mariposas Montessori!

Last year, thoughtful donors gave over $13,000 during A Mother’s Wish, allowing 10 students to attend 3 Mariposas Montessori (3MM). Let’s extend this opportunity to 5 more students and their mothers this year!

Why 3 Mariposas Montessori?

The „3“ in 3 Mariposas Montessori represents children, parents and teachers. Together, we create a program that is sustainable, meaningful and responsive to the needs of the community. In fact, if 3MM did not exist, most of our children would not be able to attend school. We provide a child-centered education that addresses each student’s needs and interests in a nurturing environment. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Why you?

While our 3MM team is dedicated to creating an effective model for early childhood education, our success depends on your support. 70% of our students live in poverty, and your donations are the only way we’re able to offset these disparities. Your A Mother’s Wish donation will be used to sponsor a child and cover the cost of his/her tuition for the 2013/2014 school year.

Sponsorship includes:

  • bilingual Montessori education (indcludes peace education, movement programs, health & hygeine, environmental awareness)
  • wellness checks & emergency medical insurance
  • healthy snacks, purified drinking water & daily vitamins
  • educational materials to use at school & at home
  • field trips
  • Christmas gifts
  • enrollment in our new Summer Program

Why mothers?

The mothers at 3MM have taken the first step. They have enrolled their children in school. Each mother is an active school volunteer, collaborator and believer in her child’s sucess. The role of these mothers is key to a sustainable future for the school, its students and families, and the community as a whole. They deserve to celebrate and be celebrated this Mother’s Day! They deserve to know that their children will be returning to school in September.

♥ When you donate in honor of a special mother in your life, just click „Dedicate my donation to someone“ in the donation form and put her name blank. We’ll personalize our Mother’s Day PDF card and email it to you, so that you can share your gift with her. ♥

Why now?

As families around the world celebrate Mother’s Day this May, please remember that the gift of education is a gift that lasts forever. On May 26th, Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, we hope to present 15 of our mothers with the gift of education for their children. Give in honor of your mother, your grandmother, your librarian or your favorite teacher. Honor her achievements and love by helping a mother at 3MM.

Please donate now and share with your friends and family.

Prefer to donate by check? Please contact Michelle at michelle@3mariposasmontessori.com or 011 (33) 652 24 18 72.

We could still use a little more help: Create your own fundraising page in just a matter of minutes by clicking the green „Fundraise“ button on this page: http://www.razoo.com/team/A-Mothers-Wish-2013. Follow the instructions and start spreading the word!

Any questions about donating or fundraising? Just email (michelle@3mariposasmontessori.com) or call (011 (33) 652 24 18 72).

Learn more about our early childhood programs:





Beach House B2 – just updated

Beach House B2 – Looking out to the East with ocean, pool & garden views. The owners updated the furnishings during their last visit….

B2 is a long time favorite for families and if you stayed with us before do take a look at the changes….

Master of the Ocean 2013

This year’s Master of the Ocean will present and pay tribute to the best Dominican water sports athletes coming out of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding and will take place at Playa Encuentro’s 321 Take off station.  Many legends will be performing in big waves and strong winds, such as the all time Master of the Ocean Luciano Gonzalez, surfer Perdro Fernandez , Windsurf Aloha Classic Winner Tony Garcia DR 17 and Kite pros like Alex Soto or Future Master and kite pro Nico Suriel.

Water sport contest at Encuentro Beach

Reflections on Cabarete – January 2013 by Betty Merner

Reflections on Cabarete – January 2013 by Betty Merner


Rhythmic hammers conversing,

Scraping of cement swishing, scraping

Punctuated by ‘Gracias, gracias, por favor, buenas días, buenas días.

Windy cloudy white, grey

Fluttering in circles

A sudden shower dancing on graveled walkways.

A lazy fan humming a quiet song.

A double door opening to the day.


Palm fronds rattle their long fingers.

Primo comes sweep, sweeping curled petals

Shaken from sleeping boughs

when the night winds came.

Sweeping, sweeping.

Wiping clean the bubbled table tops and plastic seating.

Smiling, nodding, smiling his generous grin.

Buenas días!


Colored sails tugging, twisting, bobbing

Kites along the choppy-waved shore

Criss-crossing, air-born delight.

Salty  waves lapping a corrugated shore

Leaving morning treasures

To be raked away in early light.


The Shell Man…

One-legged he stands

Guarding his shop.

Black summited rock breaking the drift of waves at the shore’s edge

Ladened with shells.

Large, small pink-polished conches

Swirling cones reflecting sun and sparkle.

His gaze meets your eyes.

Pride. Self-confidence.

I am a man, too.




Quiet, shyly smiling gestures towards the sheet-hung doorway.

Brittled lines of worn leather

pattern the table beneath its shroud.

But soon her hands begin their quiet magic.

Kneading, pressured rippling spineward.

Encouraging wings to unfold and flutter

Pulsing warm kindness and healing.



Two three four five around the table

Solitaire? High lo Jack? Back to solitaire.

Money swapped.

Stories told.

Laughter rises and falls.

Poking playfully in knowing and wanting to know more.



Enters smiling. Laden with bags and boxes that she empties

Into our lives

Displaying her wares.

Fried yucca, rice and shrimp floating in limes and spices.

Avacado, tomato, sliced into flower petal designs.

Beans, saucy eggplant, and a mountainous hill of rice pudding

Speckled with cinnamon and raisins…


Smells, sounds, colors, warmth, laughter

Melt into my cells

Chocolate coated memories.

Family with family

People sharing time space

Etched into my being

Bringing smiles and a comforting mind massage through the year.


Thank you for a wonderful trip!


(Staying at Pool side Villa Chez January 2013 with extended Family, adults and children)